St. Mark's is involved in many aspects of supporting African refugees in Cedar Rapids. This ministry has expanded from teaching job skills and jewelry making to teaching 3 citizenship classes each week and offering basic household support for families and individuals in need on a regular basis. Our Director of African Ministry Helen Armstrong has developed a deep bond with the African Community and continues to source and supply new needs as they arise. If you would like to be involved with this ministry please contact our office at 319-396-6361 or email

  • African Women Empowered (AWE)           Facebook

    African Women Empowered is a non-profit ministry that provides skills training for employment, social interaction, and work-related experiences in support of African Women.  AWE has a shop where jewelry making is taught, as well as sewing, and the marketing of products. Any proceeds from the sales of products produced by this ministry are distributed to African families in Cedar Rapids for basic household needs. 

  • Citizenship  classes

    St. Mark's offers opportunities weekly for those with a desire to attain citizenship status in the United States. If you are interested in helping with the classes or to participate in a class please contact our office at 319-396-6361. 

  • African Family support events

    St. Mark's participates in many events throughout the year that provide resources and education to the local community.