What's happening at st.mark's?

  • Upcoming Sermon Series

    Just turning on the news shows that we live in uncertain times. Economic instabilities, eruptions of violence, and natural catastrophes can alter the lives and landscapes of entire communities. Our individual lives are often just as unsteady: relationship can break, plans can falter,

    confidence can fail. Most of us find uncertainty to be uncomfortable, preferring stability and a predictable future in an unknown fate. We are wired to want to control our destiny. Join us this Lenten season to look at uncertainty from a biblical approach of confidence and finding a

    stronger faith along the way.

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  • Ash wednesday service

    Please join us on

    Wednesday February 17th at 7:00 p.m. for our Ash Wednesday service.

    Lent is a time to reflect upon our relationship with Christ, and the choices we make in living out our faith. Please consider your journey with Jesus as we enter Lent together on the 17th . God loves you; I love you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Pastor Bonnie

  • sunday school update

    Our Children's Sunday School students have received their LOVE book!  Each month we are sending our students something special that follows the theme of the sermon series.  We miss being together in person, but hope each book brings you closer to Jesus!  If you have a child preschool-5th grade and aren't receiving the book of the month, contact Mandy.

  • Summer camp  '21

    Summer camp is happening!!! You can find the link to description of camps and registration here

  • Sunday mission giving

    This month’s special Mission Giving will be on February 7th for Friends in Need and February 21 for Willis Dady.   If you are giving by check, please address the check to St. Marks and put the specific mission in the memo line.


  • bible reading plan

    One of the most important ways that we experience God’s love is by being in God’s Word. It is truly a relationship building experience with Jesus, family, and friends. I encourage you, if you have not already decided on a Bible reading plan for 2021 to please consider one of these that I am recommending. Printed copies will be available in the church welcome center this week. If you do not have a study Bible to help you better understand the readings please contact me or Mandy and we can help you choose a Bible that works for you. There are several study Bibles available for you to look through in the library located in the parlor at the church. I am happy to reading along with you through either of these Bible reading plans this year.

    Link for 180 Days Guided Tour Reading Plan

    Link for Book at a Time Bible Reading Plan

    Link for New Testament Reading Plan