About Our On the Corner Campaign

  • Dreaming of the future on the corner

    I am so excited for us to be in ministry together at such a time as this! God is calling us to step out of our comfort zone and to respond in faith to the ministries surrounding us. And I, for one, cannot wait to see what God will do! I am proud of the faith being demonstrating as St. Mark's steps out in faith and humbled because once again, God has chosen the leadership for God's church. When that happens, there is no holding back of the possibilities for the future.

  • Builder's call brochure

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  • The Campaign Team

    Chairperson: John Moeller

    Coordination Team Chair: Janet Walker

    Communications Team Chairs: Diana and John Robeson

    Prayer Team Chairs: Terri and Kelvin Bronner

    Youth and Children's Ministry Team Chairs: Mandy Sullivan and Aaron Warner

    Celebration Team Chair: Becky Figge

    Advanced Commitments Team Chairs: Dave and Jane Stobb

    Lead Gifts Chairs: Lance Heeren and Pastor Bonnie