lay Caring Team

The Lay Caring Team visits people that are connected to St. Mark’s in several different settings to include hospitals, care centers, retirement communities, and personal residences. We do our best to accommodate each member of the team to be able to visit in the settings that are most comfortable for them. We do have some individuals on the team that have a specific day of the week that they check hospitals and visit if they are able and others that fill in when needed in this role. We have some members that are only able to do visits part of the year or for certain months of the year. We have some team members that partner to care for individuals in situations that require more frequent visits. There are many situations for both the care-givers and the care receivers which makes flexibility a goal that our Lay Caring Team strives for in this servant ministry. If you are interested in being a part of this ministry or know somone in need of a care receiver please contact our office at 319-396-6361.